Somatics for Rope Bottoms

Bringing together my love for Kinbaku and my professional background in Sexological Bodywork, I developed a structure for rope bottoms to deepen their experience in ropes and make it more internal, conscious and safe. This resource is for people who like being in ropes and want to grow and improve their experience. You will find here my writings related to different aspects of rope bottoming and/or Somatics, downloadable resources, my workshops / coaching offer and links to other practitioners.

Somatics for rope bottoms –

You are invited to get inspired with my work and apply it in your practice. Do spend some time with the material. Do not think, just because you read something, and it appeared clear to you, you can teach it to others. First apply it, embody it, make a change for yourself, learn something from it… Please don’t forget to give credits. Thank you!


I’m proud and a bit scared to announce my book „Somatics for Rope Bottoms“ is about to be published! I was working (hard!) on this project over the last 12 months bringing together my research in both somatics and rope bottoming. This book consists of 12 somatic inquiries into the life of the body bound by ropes and it is meant to share my (non-dogmatic) ideas, and insights with all the bottoms who are on the same journey like me…

The book will be available in July!

Kokoro Live: A Path to Creativity in Traditional Rope Bondage … and what we can learn from artisans and martial arts. What does it mean to be creative in Kinbaku? How to innovate in a traditional art? When is a tie, a pattern, or a figure „new“? And is it important? Dealing with „innovation“ and „creativity“ professionally and bringing the experience of 15 years training in traditional Japanese martial art, Alexander from @discoverkinbaku will discuss ideas how to navigate between tradition and innovation, between heritage and dogmatism.

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Get in touch with me if what you have found here responds in you in any way. If you are rope bottom (or top!) looking for coaching and support, here is to my Coaching offer, also available on-line. If you are a part of a local rope community and there are few enthusiastic individuals who like to have me coming over and teaching, have a look at my Workshop page. If you are in Berlin – check out my Regular Group schedule.

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