About me

I am Natasha NawaTaNeko. I am a truth seeker and embodiment enthusiast. Love and curiosity are my driving forces. I am Russian born and my spirituality is deeply rooted in Russian culture, which means I like to ask existential questions and look for the essence of things. 

Together with my partner Alexander Ma, I have been practicing Kinbaku—Japanese Rope Bondage—since 2012. For me, Kinbaku is an exciting personal inquiry into the realm of what happens when people are forced out of learned patterns and automatic reactions and surrender to the flow of here and now. I am fascinated by this highly personal, creative and high-tension art of communication between two people as they come close, very close together; becoming vulnerable by showing themselves as they are and letting others see them. Practicing the art of Kinbaku has deeply influenced how I am as a person and a woman in a relationship. This inquiry can go very deep and I wish it would never end.

Somatics for rope bottoms – www.somatics.discoverkinbaku.com

After studying with Joseph Kramer in 2015, I began my work as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker assisting individuals and couples to deepen their connection with their bodies and sexuality. I have been fascinated to discover the potential of embodiment as a way of experiencing life through our sensations, emotions, and interactions, integrating the body as an essential place of change, learning, and transformation. 

Building on this experience, I found modalities and tools used in Sexological Bodywork relevant for rope bottoming. When being challenged in ropes, we respond the same way as when being challenged in life—with our conditioned tendencies. How do you react under stress? to pain? and power? Rope makes everything tangible. It allows you to become aware of your reactions. And awareness is the first step to change. You can grow out of what holds you back, you can make the changes you seek. I know I did. Learning to feel myself, learning to take time to breathe and direct my attention, I learned that I have a freedom of choice… and that my past schemas are no longer so powerful. I like to share this transformation by passing it on to others.

„Somatic Exercises can change how we live our lives, how we believe that our minds and bodies interrelate, how powerful we think we are in controlling our lives, and how responsible we should be in taking care of our total being.“

Thomas Hanna

Don’t get me wrong. I am certainly not preaching that Kinbaku is a healing modality, especially as a commercial offer. Kinbaku is a lot of things: It is hot and perverted, and deep and poetic and human. I am only saying that it can also become your medium of intimate self-inquiry. And this specific aspect of rope play is precisely what I am very interested in. 

I published a book in 2020 „Somatics for Rope Bottoms: 12 embodied inquiries for transforming your experience in rope bondage„. This book is bringing together my research in both somatics and rope bottoming and consists of 12 somatic inquiries into the life of the body bound by ropes and it is meant to share my ideas and insights with all the bottoms who are on the same journey as me…

On a personal note, I am a very shy person, especially in large groups. I like touches and sun on my skin and reading Russian classics, and I am very happy living in Berlin.

If you share my interests and passion for somatics or rope bondage, do get in touch with me!