Individual Coaching for Rope Bottoms 

Individual Coaching is a good idea when you look for: 

  • learning or developing a specific skill in rope bondage, like placement of attention, surrendering or “letting go” in ropes 
  • solving a specific problem, like dissociation or “checking out” in ropes, topics around trust or communication with your partner 
  • bringing some clarity into aspects of boundaries and limits, consent and communication, your role and responsibility in ropes  
  • having just a safe space to talk and reflect about your experiences in ropes. 

My approach is non-dogmatic. It is not about doing things „right“. It is about finding what works for you to achieve your goals. When beneficial, we will do somatic exercises involving breath, movement, sound, placement of attention to get you more into your body as a way to feel and to become aware of what is happening internally. 

There will be no tying during the session, unless you bring your rigger with you and we will find it beneficial that I witness you being in ropes. 

Initial consultation

When you get in touch with me for the first time I offer you initial half an hour one to one consultation for free. It can be arranged through the phone or we meet in person. During this talk, I will be happy to answer your questions and tell you about my approach and you will be able to see for yourself if this is something you are looking for and if you feel comfortable working with me. 

A three hours one-on-one session is charged 120 Euro. With one session, we will be able to answer your specific question or work on a specific issue. Normally already after a single session people take home some great learning. Online coaching through Skype – 30 Euro per hour. Sessions take place in my studio in Moabit, Berlin. The language of counseling will be English or German. 

All starts with your intentions, questions and needs – get in touch with me!