My book

„Somatics for Rope Bottoms is an astonishing repository of body-based wisdom that will contribute tremendously to the exploding fields of somatic therapy and education.”

Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

“Somatics for Rope Bottoms” is a book on rope bottoming and its potential for personal, intimate self-inquiry. 

Somatics for Rope Bottoms: 12 embodied inquiries for transforming your experience in rope bondage

The professional background and practical experience in both somatics and rope bondage give the author a unique interdisciplinary perspective into the life of the body bound by rope. The book consists of 12 essays – Somatic Inquiries – inspiring the readers to look for the answers in their own body and re-claim their agency for the most important decisions that come up when we decide to explore kink:

  • Why do we seek the experience of being tied? 
  • Where do our desires come from and how can we honor them? 
  • Where does our attention go when we are in ropes? 
  • What can we do to let our partner know how we feel, without speaking up? 
  • What are the ways we can use breathing to create a better experience in ropes?
  • What is the source of our resilience in ropes? 
  • Where are our limits and whose responsibility is it to recognize them? 
  • Why do we want to surrender and what allows us to do so?
  • What makes us feel safe in rope bondage?
  • Which pain can we welcome and when do we decide to stop? 
  • Why rope bondage can be the place to embrace all of our emotions, even the difficult ones?
  • Which risk can we take, and where to stop exploring?

“Somatics for Rope Bottoms” is promoting the self-responsible and conscious approach to a kink in general and is relevant to all kinds of kinky adventures, no matter on what side, top or bottom…

Somatics for Rope Bottoms: 12 embodied inquiries for transforming your experience in rope bondage

The book is available for purchase on your local Amazon in both Paperback and E-book formats.  


„Natasha NawaTaNeko has authored a beautiful book which takes a unique, holistic approach to self-education for rope bottoms. With a foreword by Red Sabbath, this small volume contains 12 questions intended to guide rope bottoms through an exploration of their feelings and desires. Something less than a map, but more than bare questions, this book offers a serious and well reasoned approach to topics every rope bottom is sure to encounter“ Kinbaku Today

„This is the first book on rope bottoming I’ve found that was just as useful to me as to the bottom. I heartily recommend riggers to read it too“ WykD Dave

„Natasha gave voice to an internal conversation – sometimes more conscious, sometimes less so – that many of us have had and are having. Until I read this wonderful book, I didn’t realise how important it is to verbalise, discuss and pass on these internal lessons“ Anna Noctuelle

„Somatics for Rope Bottoms would make a great addition to any rope top’s kinky educational arsenal. Just as there is much for rope bottoms to dive into and explore within its pages, Somatics offers a great deal for riggers to benefit from…“ Demasque Magazine, Issue 12

„Natasha Nawataneko is an accomplished Kinbaku model and Certified Sexologocal Bodyworker who does not give us easy answers or create a how-to manual. Instead she delves into the metaphysics of it all, and provides us with an enhanced vocabulary for us to understand this journey and find our own deeper meanings“ Darkside Magazine, Issue 32

„The book is a fellow companion for rope bottoms exploring what makes their experience meaningful, and the answer is often found in the body“ Andy Buru