Workshops for Rope Bottoms

I am committed to providing support and good-quality education for rope bottoms. Building on my background in Sexological Bodywork by Joseph Kramer and my study with Betty Martin, I bring different somatic aspects such as breathing, movement, posture, non-verbal communication, and placement of attention into my teaching.

Generally speaking, I do not think it is necessary to have a formal education to enjoy rope. Naturally from birth, we all have the capacity to feel what is going on, to enjoy what we like, and to refuse what we don’t like. There are non-verbal communication cues that we would naturally send out and our partners would naturally pick up. In the ideal world, taking bottoming workshops is not necessary. Unfortunately, in the real world, we are all not so natural, as many of us growing up picked up a great deal of unnatural behavior along the way. Many of us learned not to listen to our body’s own wisdom, but to comply and tolerate… Many of us learned to hold our emotions down, to control, and to resist the flow. Many of us carry memories of trauma in our body.

At this point, my idea of education is (for both the group setting and individual coaching) to create an environment to encourage you to follow your deepest, natural impulses and give them more value than your learned behavior. When we trust our body’s wisdom, that’s when the best rope bottoming happens.

Workshops for Rope Bottoms

Here are some topics that I’m passionate about to share and teach:

My main competency and my focus is always on the body as a base for your exploration in rope bondage. I’m convinced that it is through increasing our internal awareness and trusting the wisdom of our body that we can deepen our rope bottoming experience, making it more conscious, internal and safe.

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