Safety for Rope Bottoms

I have read once, that people have three basic needs: safety, belonging and dignity. In ropes, it seems, we play with all three of them! So the internal feeling of “safety” will become our topic for this class. 

How do we know when we feel “safe” in the environment? And how do we cope when feeling “unsafe”? Our mind plays an important role in this process, since it’s direct function is to anticipate the danger, in every situation. Rope bondage is no exception! So we will investigate what are the “safety” mechanisms our bodies have and how we can understand them and rely on them in order to develop this space, where we can be challenged for real, and still feel safe and not panic. 

I will be addressing first of all rope bottoms practicing challenging ropes: semenawa, suspensions… waist rope could be a great example, where we often feel unsafe, as well as play with difficult emotions, possible triggers etc. 

There is a chapter in my book about safety. In the class, I will try to make it as practical as possible. We will demonstrate the practical exercise, that you can do together with your partner, to explore this space: “challenged, but still feeling safe”. 

Some participants from EURIX where I did this class, said it was helpful for them in the following ways: 

– Accept the challenging rope in a smoother way;

– Have less of that inner dialogues we have sometimes in our heads when being tied, anticipating danger and difficulty… 

Format: 1,5 – 2 hours workshop
Where: in your community / on-line 
Language: English